Sunday, 16 December 2018

My Overall Reflection

As the presentation began the nerves started to kick in, in reflection to my group members although the nervousness subsided as I listen through every group presentation as our group presented last which I am pretty glad that happened because it turned out to be a disastrous at the beginning of our presentation. 

As we decided to present our presentation at a different location we sent the link of the location to our class so they could easily teleport to there. As we all teleported to the given location as a class, it turned out to be a disastrous. The owner of the place had false accusations as to why we were all there at the same time and banned us all from there. It was quiet an embarrassment given by the profanity that we were receiving although it was an experience and a lesson that we have learned from. From a unexpected experience we have learned that when someone has planned to do something virtually for professional purposes, it is important to do further research into the area and must ask permission and to notify the creator use their created source for any purposes especially for work and educational use. 

After that unexpected moment, we returned to our lecture building and explained and apologised as to what happened as well as getting everybody involved in such a distress moment. As a member of the group I am very apologetic for what happened but also I learned a lesson from that unexpected moment. Having returned our lecture building we proceeded with our presentation and it took longer than it should but overall I thought everyone did great in their part throughout the whole progress of creating a project together as a group and also their part in the actual presentation showing their good work of research despite the nervousness and the guilt from what had happened. 

Doing a presentation online especially through a software that is used by many people around the world with public mic is a great experience and it was something new to me. I learned that there are many ways to present a presentation virtually and it is something that I would like to do again. Presenting a presentation online is an suitable source for people who are away and cannot present in person, also it reduces the fossil fuel use from commuting which helps impact the environment. Overall I enjoyed the presentation despite what had happened and it was a good experience to have.

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Last Meeting

The day before the presentation, the group had a group call meeting for one last time to finalise the presentation for the next day. For this meeting, I was not able to make it on time due to personal reasons although I was able to catch up on what I have missed in the group call meeting. The members had a further discussion on what to include in the Google Slides and had made some changes although they were not big changes and had organised the order of who is speaking per slide. They also finalised the location in which they thought would be a suitable destination to present our presentation and I agree with their decision as I had a look of the place myself, the location has a pleasant scenery which looked like it has potential to show ecological awareness. After I have caught up an have been updated on what I missed, I added a few images onto the new google slide to support my points and informations to present ecological awareness to the class. 

Friday, 7 December 2018

My Last Phone Call Meeting

On the week before the presentation, my group (yellow group) planned to get together through a group call on our Facebook chat. For this meeting we had our research and pieces of informations ready and put on our shared Google Slides. We spent our time on Google Slides to review on the progress of our group work and what we have prepared for the project. Each member of the group talked through their own slides which was a good practice for ourselves as we prepare for next week's presentation on Second Life, and everyone did well on what they have to offer to the group project. Afterwards we discussed about what else needs to be included in the project such as visuals and we decided to present our presentation in a different location to show more visuals for ecological awareness based on the main topic of the project.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Group Work Progress

My group had a group meeting again through Facebook group call as this is our main source on how we update each other about the progress of our group project. For this meeting each of us updated each other on our individual research as to what we can offer to the group project, giving each other ideas and how we are getting on with the research that we are given to do. And so far the group project is doing well considering the co-operation that we all have for each other as well as the pieces of research that we have done were all different from each other making sense to what we plan to present in our presentation.

Our group task for the next meeting, we are to do further research and we have to include our pieces of information in the created google slide that is shared with the group as this shows the progress of the group work. This is a great source to sharing pieces of research for further understanding and it also offers help for others who may be stuck as well as giving ideas.

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Digital Identity

How might you convert your personal presence online into an identity for professional networking ?

For this week's class we discussed about digital identity and how it may impact ourselves as well as others regarding the way we present ourselves through the online world. We have to ask ourselves, "are we fully aware of what we put online and how it may affect ourselves as well as others?" We had a class discussion on false accusations and persona that is perceived by others due to what is put online, as well as differentiating the personal aspect of online post and the professional, dignified aspect.  

To me, the internet is like another dimension, another world that rules out the midst of reality. The internet can allow you to be whoever you want to be that is completely the opposite of how you live in the real world. It is often that we feel more confident behind the screen where you there is no need for you to face the reality of the world, and in this case there is no limit to what can be posted in the internet as of in my perspective we have the freedom to do what we wish to do

The top four social media apps that is currently on the use by millions of people today are; Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Snapchat. Each of these social media apps are being used differently with different purposes although the main source that they all have in common is allowing everyone to post. The posts that are being posted always tend to offend other people in many ways possible as there are so many different perspectives that can been seen when it is not even necessary to obtain such sensitivity towards a certain post, and sometimes this may lead to false accusations as well as many mixed feeling towards it. 

Having to obtain an identity for professional networking could be linked to work or educational purposes, to give such reputation to obtain good credits. Although it could also be linked to interpreting a positive character to show and inspire other people as this aspect could be a key to obtaining a safe and personal identity when you are to be included in the internet. Not to mention, words travel fast when you are working online. The internet is open to everyone in the world, it is a way for communication with others as well as yourself although revealing a certain amount of personal information could lead to problems in relation to personal details as well as how you present yourself at work.  

Americans Are Lax On Protecting Their Digital Identities

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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

The Beginning of Group Work Process

The yellow group is still missing one person as we do not have any contact with him due to him not having any social accounts, although we as a group still proceeded to having a meeting. This specific meeting was our first and proper meeting as a group to discuss about the group project and what we have to do to achieve a presentation in relation to the given project topic.

At first we planned to meet up in Second Life and so we did, although that did not seem to work well as some had issues with the mic and being able to access Second Life so we decided to have a group call on Facebook using our group chat. The group call on Facebook turned out to be more efficient as it is faster and it is easy access for those who have difficulties with accessing Second Life. To begin with we started by going over the project brief to give ourselves some understanding as a group and we then brainstormed on how to come about the group project as individuals. Firstly, each person in the group briefly talked about what course they are currently doing and what they want to do in the future, and how their future plans may affect the environment. In regards to our future plans we took them into account and our task is to brainstorm alternatives on how we could positively impact the environment.

For example; I am currently an Interior Design student and after graduation I want to stay in Dublin and work in other firms and businesses to develop further skills as well as meeting new people and understanding how to deal with clients and their ideas, and I also want to do a course on Architecture rather than being in the Interior Design field alone as I think it would be interesting to clash them into one firm of my own. Afterwards, I want to be able to establish my own design business and travel around the world. Taking all of these informations into account I must brainstorm on how can an Interior Designer and an Architect help to positively impact the environment as they work ?

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Completed Group ?

For our second group meeting, at this point some of the members have been identified and added to the group chat although we are still missing a couple of people therefore we could not proceed into a full group meeting to discuss what we have to do as a group as well as what we can offer to the group individually. As we wait to have a completed group before proceeding to discuss about the group project, we discussed about our next meeting and when to meet, and hopefully by that time we will be whole as a group to continue with the group project.

I have done some research of my own to prepare for the next meeting to give some further understanding for myself as well as for my team members, in this way we can all have some sort of same understanding with co-operation. I have read through the project brief and throughout I have briefly thought of basic methods on how to improve the environment.

My Overall Reflection

As the presentation began the nerves started to kick in, in reflection to my group members although the nervousness subsided as I listen thr...